Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So there has been so much controversy over Los Angeles and the best "Jewish Style" pastrami. I have been to mostly all of the places that make a good pastrami but for some reason I have avoided Langers. So I had to give it a try since people rave like this is the best sandwich on earth.

Arriving at about 11:30 am to avoid the lunch crowd of downtown LA, we were seated promptly at a booth near the back end of the restaurant.

The service was on point, which was a good thing. The waitress was very nice.

I ordered the #19 (Pastrami, rye bread, russian dressing, coleslaw, and swiss cheese



The sandwich itself is very tasty. I loved the combination of the salty pastrami with the sweet russian dressing. All the flavored melded together well, but I still say that Brent's in Northridge has the best pastrami in LA.

I also ordered some potato pancakes but unfortunately did not take a picture of them. They were nothing to write home about anyways, a little greasy and lacked the starchiness that a great potato pancake should have.

All in all a great sandwich like always.

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