Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kalbi Burger

What a great concept! Adjoining two great dishes into one.  Burgers + Kalbi and you get Kalbi Burger, located in the middle of Koreatown in a tiny parking lot with free valet.  The parking can be an annoyance but it is manageable.  

The interior of the restaurant reminded me of a burgerized Pinkleberry, futuristic and clean looking.  After looking at the menu I decided to nab a Kalbi Burger and some garlic fries.

The meat was juicy, did not have much kalbi flavor, yet somehow the more you ate the better it became.  Maybe it was the garlic fries that made it better.  So much garlic you can smell them across the room.  I suggest eating them and immediately eating an entire handful of parsley because that is some intense garlic, but in a good way.  

Kalbi Burger, why do you have to be in such a horrible location with terrible parking?  


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