Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Every trip to New York deserves a trip to some sort of Japanese destination, whether it is a ramen joint, sushi bar, robata-ya or whatever.

This time around, we stuck to a place that we have been to before and did not feel in the gambling mood after having a bit of a disappointing meal at some Italian place that was recommended by a local.  Hatsuhana is just that good, with very fresh seafood and good service for a Japanese place.  Hot towels before and after meals, competent servers, and timely logistics.  Not to mention the outstanding food.  

My favorite is the Chirashi, which is an assortment of fish on top of sushi rice.  I ordered the deluxe which came with some better fish like uni and salmon roe to name a few.  

Chirashi Sushi Deluxe

Only real problem was that the sushi made you want to get sushi again the next day.  It was so good, sushi rice seasoned perfectly.  Washed it down with a Kirin Ichiban and I was good to go.  The tempura here is also fantastic, consisting of the garden variety like shrimp, kobocha, and string bean.  

Definitely check this place out.  And get the uni, smooth as can be.

Dining Room and Sushi Bar

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