Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grimaldi's - Brooklyn

A must stop in New York, Grimaldi's serves up some great pizza at affordable prices.  Arriving around 1:00PM, their was a line outside of about 10-12 parties, so the wait was about 20 minutes.  Not too bad, I thought it would be a hell of a lot worse.  We did have to endure constant and continuous jabber from some annoying Filipinas about the wait and some other douchebags behind us ranting about the recent Lady Gaga concert in the park. 

After blotting the blood from my ears from enduring the incessant gab, it was finally our time to get a seat.  And guess what, we were seated right next to the Filipinas.  

Since they do not have meatball, we grabbed a sausage and onion pizza.


This pizza has it all.  Taste, texture, crsipiness, and the right ingredients.  Low moisture mozzarella, sweet and not too tangy sauce, and the chewy yet crunchy crust makes for a great eat.  The coal oven also adds a certain rustic flavor to the crust.

Having been to the Grimaldi's in Las Vegas, the end product is the same.  I still stand firm that the outfit in Las Vegas serves up some mean pies without the crowds.  Did I mention they have flat screen tv's as well.  Call me a lame, but I could care less about ambiance or family feel, so long as the product that is put in front of me is up to par.

Oh, and by the way, my ice tea was nasty ass Snapple with sugar contents that should not be legal.  I drank a quarter of it and tossed it.  PUKE.

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