Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dim Sum Express

Another one of these hidden gems in LA, Dim Sum Express is probably one of my favorite places to get dim sum in LA. The place is looks like it used to be an old walk up donut shop converted into a to-go dim sum joint.


If you love dim sum and other great Chinese dishes, I suggest checking this place out.

So you order off a paper like most made-to-order dim sum places.

Let's start off with the dim sum first. We ordered some SHU MAI and some HAR GOW only because these are my favorites.


The shu mai are literally huge, but tasty. I love these things. I could jsut eat 10 of these puppies for lunch and I'll be good. But I can't leave out the har gow, really really good. They stuff not 1 but 2 sweet shrimps in these things. Really, really good as well. Highly recommend these.

Now if you are like me, you kinda wanna try everything that appeals to you. For instance, how could I pass up a dish named DEEP FRIED PORK CHOP W/ SALTY RICE.


Really good as well, another great thing to order when going here. Just look at the picture and tell me you're not gonna love it.

Next we move on to the FRIED UDON.


This is like house pan fried noodles only they use larger udon noodles. They have the smaller noodles but I really liked the udon noodle better. This dish is good, but not great. Definitely other places that make a better version, but for as cheap, maybe not.

Now the verdict, get the Shu Mai, Har Gow, and the Deep Fried Pork Chop. Everything else is just average. The other dim sum items are good, but simply do not match.

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