Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Fish

I was so pumped when the Aria opened and that there were an array of high profile chefs opening new restaurants.  

American Fish is a Michael Mina restaurant who is known for his great seafood.  Before dining, I browsed through the menu and found an instant winner, Lobster Wellington.  Only in Vegas will you find such a creation.

We did try other dishes on the menu but I have not found many reviews on the Lobster Wellington, so I am dedicating this to just that dish.

We did sample other dishes (Maine Lobster Roll, Lobster Corn Dogs, Malt Fries), most of were good, not great.  I did find that the malt fries were above average and the quantity was gigantic.  

Enough with the small talk, on to the show.  The Lobster Wellington comes at a pretty hefty sum, $75 to be exact.  But this thing is like an entire meal, including vegetables and potatoes such as creamed spinach, summer squash, and roasted fingerling potatoes.  All accompaniments were fantastic.  The fingerling potatoes were perfect.  Creamed spinach were excellent and found myself going back to that side dish the most. 


The Lobster Wellington does not look huge upon arrival, as I am accustomed to downing a 21 oz ribeye no problem. But this thing is deceivingly large. The lobster was so sweet and the truffle sauce went perfectly with the dish. Not too much truffle that overpowered, but just the right amount to let the lobster shine on its own.

This dish was a thing of beauty.  Lobster perfectly cooked and the claw meat was so sweet.  The whole thing was wrapped in prosciutto and filled with a mushroom duxelles. 
The prosciutto added a salty element to the dish which also helped to cut through the richness of the filling. 

Overall, I would definitely make a return visit to American Fish.  I was tempted on ordering the Salt Baked Prime Rib as well and some of the other seafood offering like the Branzino. 

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