Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, I have been to this three times, and I am convinced that this is the best steakhouse in LV and possibly LA as well.

Okay let's just get started.

Appetizer we had the WARM VEAL TONGUE SALAD.


This was very good. If you love tongue, then this is the dish for you. The tongue was very tender and the portion of the appetizer was huge. I highly recommend this dish if you are the daring type. If not, get the Steak Tartare, it is probably my favorite appetizer at CUT.

Next we have the entrees. AMERICAN WAGYU FILET MIGNON.

Having been here a good amount of times, I am convinced that the American Wagyu is almost as good as the A5 Kobe. There is only a slight difference from the two. Anyways it was fuckin crazy good. That is all I need to say.



They take the lobster out of the shell at the table. The first time I went to CUT I had a steak and everyone around us was getting the lobster. So I just had to get it the next. HOLY FUCK, this was the best lobster I have ever had. That fucker was so sweet and cooked perfectly. And paired with the rich truffle sabayon perfectly balanced the dish. I still can't get over how fuckin great it was. Highly Recommend.

For dessert, we decided to get the PUMPKIN BEIGNETS W/ GINGER ICE CREAM.


OMG, this fuckin guy Puck makes the best beignets I have ever had. Holy crap these were good. I mean better than the beignets at Bouchon easily. And the ginger ice cream was fuckin crack. We also had brussel sprouts as a side and were delicious as well. Big hunks of bacon with perfectly caramelized brussel sprouts.

Verdict: When you visit LV, go to CUT. Get KOBE BEEF, LOBSTER. My Favorite strakhouse in LV and LA easily.

FUCKIN CRACK (better than delicious)

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