Monday, September 28, 2009

Country Club at the Wynn

Upon recommendations for breakfast and lunch, I tried out the lunch.  The place itself is exactly what the name states, a country club restaurant for the golf course witha pro shop at the entrance.  The restaurant overlooks the beautiful golf course.  Now I am not one of those people that gets sucked into a restaurant because of a great view so I am disclaiming this right now, the view will add any points toward the food.

The menu is somewhat limited, so I opted for the BBQ Bacon Burger. (medium well)


Now before I review this burger, I want to add again that the dumb view will not, I repear not add to the quality of the food.

Now that we have that straightened out, lets talk food.  The meat was good quality but not great and the burger was cooked a little bit too medium instead of medium rare.  The BBQ flavor actually was very mild which was a plus.  The bun was a disaster, dry and dense and when bitten into, made everything in the burger fall out.  The logistics of the burger need work.  The placement of the ingredients really made the burger worst than what it was.  Since the dry denseness of the bun made everything fall out, I was left with a handful of BBQ sauce.  The flavor was just okay, but for $19 there are plenty of places that destroy this place.  The fries were below par as well.  Not crispy at all and very starchy tasting.  Overall a very disappointing meal.  

I think that the aura of this place has to be the view, because the food is just mediocre at best.

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