Thursday, October 1, 2009


So I have heard about this place and am always looking for a nice place to eat near downtown.  The place itself is kind of hard to find, but it is located in the Art District of LA.  The exterior has a very clean and modern look, as does the inside.

You order in the front, and then walk down this fairly long hallway where it the bar section is.  

I ordered the Bratwurst w/ Large Fries.

Although they have different varieties, I heard that this was one of their best sausages, so what the hell. I ordered it with sweet peppers and grilled onions.


The bratwurst itself was very good.  One of the better bratwursts I have had in my life.  Had a great coriander taste that really went well with the sweetness of the onions and peppers.  I also topped with the spicy brown mustard, one of many in their repertoire.  The addition gave it a tanginess that went really well together. 

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the french fries, but they were fantastic.  A litte on the pricey side, but nonetheless, a great accompaniment to the brat.

Another place to add to the rotation.

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